Running through a flower field

Oct 12, 2018

This one goes down in the hall of fame as one of my favorite weddings ever. I met with VIctoria and knew after her first sentence that i was going to really enjoy creating her dream bouquet. She used words like “wild” and “boho”. She described it, “I want it to look like I ran through a field picking flowers and then showed up at my wedding!” She was cheesy and excited and so so so ready to look like a hippie queen on her special day. Can’t say I blame her one bit. She said “the bigger the better! I don’t care if it covers my entire body. I want the flowers to steal the show.” I said, “Challenge accepted!” I was FULL of excitement and eager to get to work as you can imagine. But that’s enough of me talking, I could talk forever about this gorgeous day. Why don’t you go take a look for yourself!

I absolutely L O V E this moment I get with the Bride if I’m lucky!! Cherish it forever!
Bridesmaids bouquets made by bridesmaids!



  1. Wow you are so so talented! It would be a dream to work with you one day!

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